To be allowed to write on the web I am required by the laws of the Internet to have at least one serious paragraph. I give you a whole page. Enjoy. It’s boring.

What’s this all about?

Good question. I am going to tell you a story.

Before my mother died I had a boring and emotionally flat life. As a kid, my mother taught me 2 things:

  1. Everyone has to like you. Your classmates, their parents, your teachers, their teachers, the mailman, the supermarket’s cashier, dogs, Bill Cosby. EVERYONE. No exceptions.
  2. You always have to be the first. Second is crap, first is normal. No need to be happy about it. You do it for yourself.

Doesn’t sound good? I think it does NOT. But 2 things. First my mom was just trying to be the best mom she could with the knowledge she had, so I forgave her a long time ago already. Second this is how I’ve filtered what she told me, maybe some other kids would have heard it differently. So you can rest in peace mom.

But after she died at 47, I go sucked into a tornado. Something had changed. I felt bombarded by emotions. At the time I didn’t even know what the word “emotions” meant, but I knew I had to pay attention to them. And I also knew that I wanted to do something out of my life. Without a mother, I was now responsible for myself. So the chaos started.

I was a smart kid at school, but not the good smart. I had the best grades possible and I would listen to the teachers religiously. But I sucked emotionally. I knew how to do exactly what people were asking from me, but I didn’t know how to handle my life, myself and others. As an adult I felt I had a huge power in me, but I couldn’t release it. I was stuck. I was depressed and angry. And I knew well it was all because of myself.

So I’ve started reading books. Self-help first, then psychology. When it’s a good book I write a summary, and I pick up 1 or 2 points to implement in my life. I’ve been doing this since end of 2010.

In september 2013 I’ve started a daily routine. Everyday I choose a question, reflect, and write an answer. It’s quick. But when you’ve been walking for more than 20 years on the wrong path, you need constant reminders to make you switch to the right one.  That’s what the daily routine is about. It helps me remember the better behaviors and the better beliefs I’ve learned through my readings, and slowly get rid of the old unhealthy ones.

With a clearer head, I felt so powerful that I started giving advises to other people! WHAT AN ASSHOLE. Friends with couple issues, friends feeling like eternal victims, friends with no problems at all. I would be sitting there, giving my opinion, sharing what I believed could help them, telling them that everything was in their power. Some told me I was annoying. Some others told me that things were much more clear after chatting with me. I decided to ignore the formers.

And that’s when my friend Justin called me and said: “Helping 10 people isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? Helping a billion.”

So I’ve made the daily routine an online thing. Now let’s the real story begin.


Ok but what’s my role in that?

Anything bothering you? Hard time dealing with something or someone? Getting completely lost? Or just a simple question about life? Send it to @DailyCuckoo. I will pick one question* a day and answer it on the blog. If I’m doing the job well, it will be helpful. If not, you can choose which fingers to cut.

If I don’t pick your question, don’t cry. Try again tomorrow. Meanwhile you can read all the other questions and answers in the Archive. And if you can find the on the top right corner of your screen, there’s a search there too.

(*only questions with strictly more than 140 characters will be accepted.)

And why should I trust you?

You shouldn’t.