The original idea, the design, and the development of Daily Cuckoo is from @godbout and from him only. HAHAHAHAH what an ARROGANT PRICK. He is also the one answering… wait… I am the… Oh crap.

The website is running with WordPress. The theme used is a heavily modified version of the beautiful tdSimple by Taras Dashkevych. You should check him out if you’re looking for a theme, he’s doing great work.

The cuckoo cuckoo (see what I’ve done here?) logo is stolen from this page, who stole it from that one. If you’re the person behind Moose Prints and you’re the one who drew this, please believe that I’ve tried to contact you but to no avail. Contact me if you want 1 million dollars. (as I’ll receive many messages from many impostors, please attach pictures of your naked body as a proof of, hum, the truth)

If, for any reason, voluntarily or not, I forgot to mention you, but probably more voluntarily, please drop me an email at I’ll add you. If you haven’t helped in anyway but your message is really cool, I might add you in here too. But —REALLY*— cool. (*also need the naked pictures)